[4200 times in a person’s life affect the life for the first time!

[4200 times in a person’s life affect the life for the first time!

Everyone wants to have a happy sex, but a loving partner is inevitable.

According to British sociologists, an average person has 4,200 sexual encounters in their lifetime, and they will experience three periods of sexual danger.

Only through correct understanding and adjustment can we spend smoothly and get along with the good sex life.

First sex period.

A survey in the United States found that “first time” may affect a person’s sexual satisfaction throughout life. If the first time fails, the probability of sexual dysfunction in the future will increase by 13%.

Li Hongjun, chief physician of urology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, pointed out that for men, erectile difficulties may occur due to tension during the first sexual life, elders doubt themselves, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other problems.

For women, the action is too intense, which can easily lead to genital damage and pain, which may cause resistance to sexual life and even cause sexual apathy.

Response: First-time sex does not mean “first time”, but includes the entire period from love to sexual contact and sexual life.

During this period, you should know more about each other, be considerate of each other, have sufficient foreplay stimulation, and avoid rough movements.

In mindset, you should keep in mind “coming to Japan,” and do not expect too much. The more anxious you are, the more likely you will fail.

In addition, the age of first sexual life should not be too early, otherwise the limbs are immature and more prone to problems.