[Can confinement eat tremella]_ Tremella _ make confinement _ can you eat

[Can confinement eat tremella]_ Tremella _ make confinement _ can you eat

During the period of confinement, of course, women must pay attention to a healthy and reasonable diet, because this also relates to physical recovery and postpartum breastfeeding health, and can eat white fungus while confinement.

Tremella is a natural and natural botanical gum that has a good nourishing effect.

1. Tremella is rich in natural botanical gums. With its soothing effect, long-term use can moisturize and remove melasma and freckles on the face.

If you make a soup with apples, you can make the skin delicate, smooth, rosy and shiny.

2. Postpartum women are relatively weak, so the defecation strength is weakened. In addition, vegetables and fruits are eaten less. Postpartum constipation often occurs.

The precipitated fibers in Tremella can help with gastrointestinal peristalsis, which can help prevent maternal constipation.

If eaten with purple sweet potatoes, the effect of laxative is better.

3. Calcium still has a very important effect on the postpartum mother. If you do not pay attention, the maternal is prone to calcium loss, which will affect the recovery of the body and the baby caused by breast milk.

Tremella Vitamin D can prevent the loss of calcium and help your baby’s growth and development.

4. Toxic medical research also proves that a variety of carbohydrates isolated from Tremella also have a significant inhibitory effect on malignant tumors.

If you take Tremella soup regularly, you can also rejuvenate your skin.

To sum up, mothers can eat tremella.

Natural Caesarean section can also eat Tremella.