[How is the cold ear delicious?]_ How to make_Homely

[How is the cold ear delicious?]_ How to make_Homely

In summer, we often see the dish of Fructus radiata on the table. Because of its spicy and sweet taste, it is also very light and refreshing, and it can supplement the body with a large amount of protein and a small amount and a small amount, etc.Very good anti-inflammatory and detoxification effect, regular consumption can also supplement the effect of warming and nourishing qi, so it is loved by many people, so how to fold the ear to taste delicious?

First, how do the cold ears taste delicious?

Preparing the ingredients, I ‘ve just bought today, so tender.

Remove the roots of the fold ears, remove them into small sections, and wash them.

Prepare spring onions, ginger, garlic, and oil peppers.

First add salt, minced garlic, soy sauce, and pepper noodles and marinate for 5 minutes, then add the chopped green onions, parsley, sesame oil, and chicken essence to serve.

The second fold ear root is a Chinese herbal medicine and a gourmet. It has heat-clearing, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-radiation effects. For those who are often close to the radiation source, such as computer operators and people who watch TV, there aregreat help.

Third, put it in the box after buying it from the market, wash it once, and soak it in water for about half an hour.

I have soaked this time for a long time. I do n’t have any fishy smell when I eat it. I do n’t think it ‘s like Houttuynia.

Remarks: Folding ears are easy to change color and not white. This is okay and does not affect the nutrition of eating.

Remove the old roots and roots, as well as the darkened parts, and wash them a few times. This plant grows in very fertile soil and has everything in the fertile soil.

Pick the washed root into small pieces.

I cut it with kitchen scissors to avoid hurting my fingernails.

Ginger, garlic, red pepper, washed and chopped, and houttuynia cordata in the same bowl.

Add the right amount of oyster sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, and mix well.

Heat up the oil, pour the vegetables into the pot, and cook for a while.

It was okay to drench the hot oil directly on Houttuynia cordata, but the garlicity will be the focus, and the friends you like will not matter.

How does Fold ear root taste delicious?

Typical Sichuan home cold dish, easy to make.

Folding ear root is a hot dish with a unique flavor.

My favorite dish in Beijing, but it’s not easy to buy fresh fold ears.

Ingredients: 200g fold ear root (choose many leaves and fresh ones), 50g middle lettuce, 45ml chili oil, 8g white sugar, 30ml high-grade soy sauce, and 0 refined salt.

5 grams, MSG 1 gram Practice 1.

Wash the lettuce and cut it into 8 cm thick, 0 thick.

3 cm shreds; lettuce shreds should be slightly simmered with salt (that is, salt or other condiments are used to marinate or mix the cooking ingredients), drain the water and fill the bottom of the dish for use.


Fold the root of Folding ear root and wash it cleanly. Fold it smaller and place it on the lettuce.

Mix soy sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, and chili oil into red oil sauce, pour over the root of fold ears and shredded lettuce, and mix well.