[Harm of compressed dry food]_ impact _ harm

[Harm of compressed dry food]_ impact _ harm

When you visit the supermarket, you will often see compressed dry food in the biscuit area, but everyone will not have the urge to buy it.

Compressed dry grain is actually made of puffed flour, which is very crispy, but will become soft after absorbing water.

Because compressed dry grain is convenient to carry and has a long shelf life, it has generally become the first choice of troops when performing tasks.

When eating compressed dry food, you must first understand the method of eating compressed dry food and the harm of compressed dry food.

In fact, compressed biscuits are not very familiar to everyone, because everyone usually has few opportunities to eat compressed biscuits. Here are some introductions to the compressed biscuits’ consumption methods and precautions and harm.

First, the misunderstanding of compressed cookies 1.

Conceived that compressed biscuits are non-nutritive.

In fact, compressed biscuits are better than the popular biscuits on the market in terms of nutritional value. The main ingredients are sugar, milk powder, glucose, etc., because of the increase in physical exertion in military operations and training, the proportion of various nutrients mustMuch taller than normal biscuits and easily digestible.


Misunderstood that compressed biscuits bloated.

In fact, compressed biscuits are only compressed in volume and increased in density. When they are eaten, they will not be replaced by water swelling, otherwise they will not affect the combat effectiveness of soldiers?

How could it be used in the army on a large scale?

Second, how to eat compressed biscuits 1.

It can be eaten dry, but it is best to take a bite of compressed biscuits with a bite of water.

Generally, compressed biscuits are rich in natural 450-500 kcal per 100 grams, which is about 100-150 kcal higher than a meal of rice (two or two rice, some vegetables and meat).


You can eat it while soaking it in the water, so that it will not be too dry and easy to swallow3.

You can make porridge, you can put compressed biscuits in the pot to make porridge.

You can dip it in the sauce, dip it in the sauce you like, choose three according to your preference, and note 1 for compressed biscuits.

Compressed biscuits swell in the stomach after eating and drinking.

So don’t eat too much.


When eating compressed biscuits, you need to control the amount of food you eat.


Eat more easily get angry.

Fourth, the harm of compressed biscuits Consuming compressed biscuits may cause symptoms such as malnutrition and constipation, and even long-term consumption will cause stones.

Therefore, for the average person, it is better not to eat compressed biscuits. Although compressed biscuits are relatively hungry, we do not need to eat compressed biscuits in our daily lives.

Of course, for those in special positions, eating compressed biscuits is also a last resort, so when they eat compressed biscuits, they are generally reluctant.