[Fresh yam practices]_ fresh yam _ how to do _ how to do

[Fresh yam practices]_ fresh yam _ how to do _ how to do

Yam is a Chinese medicinal material, but it is also edible. Yam is widely used as a food in cooking.

Fresh yam is more crispy for cooking. The simple way of yam is to put it in yam porridge, or you can use tens of millions of stews directly, and the soup will be more nourishing.

First, yam porridge can be peeled and cut into small dices and cooked with the cooked rice.

You can also add oatmeal, beans, etc., delicious and healthy.

Second, the ribs and yam chop the ribs into one-inch long pieces, peel the yam and cut into hob pieces.

Add the pork ribs and stir-fry when the onion and ginger is hot. After it changes color, add yam chunks, add cooking wine and add soup to simmer.

Do not put too much soy sauce in this dish.

3. Fried shrimp balls with yam and lettuce. Peel the yam and lettuce and cut into parallelogram slices. Cut the shrimp on the outside and remove the sand line.

Simmer the mountain purity, boiled in the boiling water under the lettuce slices, (note that the time is not too long, otherwise the taste is not crispy), and then put the shrimps in the pot slightly.

Heat up the pan, sauté the onion, ginger and garlic, add yam, lettuce slices and shrimp balls to stir fry.

Fourth, yam stewed burdock, yam, washed, peeled and cut into pieces, burdock cut into small pieces of simmered water to float.

Put oil in the pan, fry the star anise first, and then stir the onion and ginger cubes, add cooking wine, water, and sirloin, stir fry, and cook in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes.

Put the oil in the pot, pour the burdock, add the yam, sugar, chopped pepper, MSG, salt, chicken essence and season together, and simmer until soft and savory.

Five, rock sugar yam formula: yam 0.

75 kg, 3/4 bowl of rock sugar, 5-6 bowls of clear water: peel the skin and cut into cubes, add rock sugar, boil the clear water over high heat, and then simmer over low heat (about 40 minutes).Serving.

Features: Yam is soft, tender, sweet, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen, dehumidifying, nourishing the lungs and strengthening the kidneys, and nourishing the essence and qi.